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Full markets and multi-currency support for draft orders


As of GraphQL Admin API version 2022-10, we’ve added full support for markets and multi-currency on draft orders.

You will now be able to specify the market region that should apply to a draft order, inheriting your configured market settings such as pricing. The selected market region’s attributes will be available on their respective objects.

Additionally, we have built out full support for multi-currency in draft orders. You will now be able to query a new set of fields that expose all monetary values relevant to a draft order in multi-currency. As part of these changes, you will now be able to use all draft order payment completion flows in multi-currency.

Learn more about these fields on DraftOrder, DraftOrderLineItem, DraftOrderAppliedDiscount, DraftOrderInput, CalculatedDraftOrder and CalculatedDraftOrderLineItem reference docs.