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Hydrogen 2023.10 has been released


Hydrogen v2023.10 is now available. This release includes a number of new features and breaking changes.

Remix 2.0 (breaking change)

  • Hydrogen 2023.10 now uses Remix 2.
  • Remix has also been made a peer dependency, so you can keep your Remix package updated independently of Hydrogen.

Other breaking changes

  • Hydrogen's default caching strategy has been updated to have a longer stale-while-revalidate period.
  • A dependency bump for @graphql-codegen/typescript to v4 will require updates to Scalar types if you import them directly from Hydrogen or Hydrogen React.

Other changes

  • All packages and examples now query v2023-10 API versions.
  • Hydrogen now includes an API client for the Customer Account API.
  • Custom cart methods are now stable.
  • The GraphiQL client available through the local development server now includes the GraphiQL Explorer plugin, which makes it easier to browse GraphQL resources.
  • Props and parameters that were deprecated in v2023-07 have been removed.
  • Additional dependency bumps, patches, and fixes.