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Developer changelog


Introducing Admin API versioning and developer preview

Effective April 09, 2019


As of April 9th 2019 we have introduced versioning of our GraphQL and REST Admin APIs and a new developer preview feature for partners.

Admin API Versioning

When you build an app on the Shopify platform, you require stability and predictability from Shopify's APIs. API versioning lets us develop the platform while providing you with stable API behaviour and predictable timelines for adopting new changes. After a stable API version is released, its behaviour won't change.

New versions will be released every 3 months in January, April, July and October. These versions will be supported for 12 months. Our naming convention is date based and your app is already using our first stable version, 2019-04. As we release improvements and new features, you can test new API changes in development using our unstable and release candidate versions, in the knowledge that your app won't be affected in production.

Shopify API versions are explicitly declared in the URL that your app calls:

  • REST URLs: /admin/api/{ version }/{ endpoint }.json
  • GraphQL URL: /admin/api/{ version }/graphql.json

For example:

  • REST URLs: /admin/api/2019-04/products.json
  • GraphQL URL: /admin/api/2019-04/graphql.json

The diagram below illustrates our versioning schedule and the lifecycle of a stable version:

API release schedule

Developer Preview

In combination with API release candidates, developer previews give you early access to the products that we release so that you can build on top of our APIs with confidence. Using development stores, created via your partner dash, you can test features that will be available to merchants in the upcoming months. More information about developer preview will be announced when the first developer preview is introduced.

You can read more about Admin API versioning and developer preview in our versioning guides and on the partner blog.