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Introducing POS UI extensions


New POS UI extensions available to app developers

POS UI extensions are available for developers to start building apps for Shopify POS. Improve the efficiency of a current extension or build custom functionality in the POS smart grid. POS UI extensions provide developers with access to numerous components and API's required to develop extensions that feel native to Shopify POS with faster performance. This technology will transform POS extensions for an improved merchant experience.

Extension Points Two extension points are available that allow for the rendering of different components. The Tile which can customize the functionality of the app's smart grid tile and the Modal a full-screen modal that presents on top of the smart grid.

Components Build extensions using the UI Extensions library that utilize interface elements and behaviors that mirror the look at feel of the POS experience. These elements are rendered natively, providing the performance and accessibility inherent to a native app.

To learn more about building apps for POS, please review our developer documentation.