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Introducing the new Customer Account API in developer preview


The Developer Preview of the Customer Account API is now available for exploration and experimentation. This API can be accessed through the Hydrogen and Headless channels, providing developers with early access to its powerful features. The Customer Account API offers enhanced security, authentication, and personalization capabilities for headless storefronts. It enables passwordless single sign-on across all of the Shopify platform, from Liquid to Hydrogen and non-Hydrogen custom storefronts, all the way through to checkout. The Customer Account API also empowers effortless customer-scoped management for DTC–accounts, orders, drafts, payments, fulfillment, discounts, refunds, and metafields (shop, order, customer).

This version of the Customer Account API is marked as unstable as there will be changes and updates to refine and improve its functionality. We encourage developers to provide feedback and share their experiences to help shape the future iterations of this API.

Read the developer documentation to learn more.