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Multi-currency for Shopify Payments is coming to all plans


We are excited to announce that after its success for Plus merchants, Multi-Currency for Shopify Payments is coming to all plans.

In October last year we announced the ability for Plus stores, using Shopify Payments, to sell in multiple currencies from a single storefront. This update enabled merchants to offer product prices in 9 supported currencies and allow customers to checkout in their local currency. This feature went into beta in December, was launched to all Plus merchants in February 2019 and we have since seen phenomenal adoption and demand for the feature from merchants on other plans.

Today, we are very excited to announce that Multi-Currency for Shopify Payments is starting to roll out globally to all merchants.

If your app is impacted by the backward incompatible changes made to our APIs in October 2018 then you will have received a series of emails informing you of the changes you need to make. In adding support for multiple currencies, Shopify has also made changes to several core areas, including products, checkouts, transactions, orders, Liquid, and more.

These changes are not backward incompatible in the conventional sense, but they do mean that existing monetary values that return a price might not represent what they have in the past. You can read more about these changes in our original changelog announcement and we encourage you to update your apps to support multi-currency workflows.

Key changes:

  • Multi-currency for Shopify Payments will now be available to all merchants on Shopify.
  • Access to customize price rounding rules will only available on Plus plans. Shopify will automatically select the most appropriate rounding rule for all other merchants.
  • GeoIP-based automatic currency selection will only be available on Plus plans.
  • Multi-currency features on development stores will reflect that available on non-Plus plans.
  • Plus-only multi-currency features are available via Plus Sandbox stores.
  • Danish Krone (DKK) is now available to merchants using multi-currency, meaning the feature now supports a total of 10 currencies.

During the rollout, multi-currency is available to partners on all development stores and can be accessed under Settings > Payment Providers by enabling the Bogus gateway and selecting which currencies you’d like to test. However, until Multi-currency for Shopify Payments is available to all merchants if you transfer ownership of a development store to a non-Plus merchant the feature may not be available once the transfer completes. For the most up-to-date information about the rollout, keep an eye on the changelog. Further information about enabling Multi-currency for Shopify Payments can be found in the help center.

For further information on ensuring your app is ready for multi-currency and a comprehensive list of all multi-currency related API changes, see our migration guide.