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New article.updated_at Liquid property and updated behavior for cart

Effective February 05, 2020


We’ve added a new property for the article object as well as updated the behaviour of cart.attributes and the /cart/add.js endpoint.


The article.updated_at property returns a timestamp defining when a blog article was updated. This allows themes to include the dateModified field within their Structured Data for SEO purposes. The date filter can be applied to format the timestamp. Learn more about the article.updated_at property in the Help Center.


This existing property has been updated to hide keys with a double underscore (__) prefix from Liquid and AJAX API. Learn more about the cart.attributes property in the Help Center.


The /cart/add.js endpoint (add to cart) of the AJAX API has been updated to support adding multiple items to the cart in a single request. This previously required a complex queuing system to send multiple requests. The previous payload format is still supported, but the "multiple items" payload format is now the recommended approach. Learn more about the Ajax API in the Help Center.