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New constituent countries for United Kingdom zone


Zone information for United Kingdom will now return the following possible constituent countries for the UK:

  • Name: England, Code: ENG
  • Name: Northern Ireland, Code: NIR
  • Name: Scotland, Code: SCT
  • Name: Wales, Code: WLS
  • Name: British Forces, Code: BFP

Merchants use provinces in their shipping zones settings to specify the rates for a country or province.

Example of the shipping zone settings with United Kingdom constituent countries

All existing shops that have United Kingdom in a zone will automatically include all UK constituent countries.

This data can be queried from the GraphQL admin api or REST admin api

Shipping/billing addresses in the UK are not supposed to contain these consitituent countries. To ensure that the shipping/billing address is displayed correctly, ensure you are using the format_address liquid filter to format correctly based on the address locale.