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Developer changelog


New Liquid global object and property

Effective December 02, 2019


We’ve added a new global object and some new properties to Liquid, which are currently in production for all stores.


The request.page_type property returns the type of the current page, for example, product, article, and index.

Learn more about the request.page_type property in the Help Center.


Generates URLs to your storefront. By using routes instead of hardcoded links, you can make sure your theme supports any changes to the URL format.

Learn more about the routes global object in the Help Center.


Gives direct access to a product' option values by using the option name.

Learn more about product.options_by_name property in the Help Center.


The default filter now accepts an allow_false argument. You can use allow_false to set a default value for any variable with no assigned value. This can be used with strings, arrays, and hashes.

Learn more about this filter in the Help Center.