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New pending mutation in Payments Apps API 2022-04 release


Action required

In the 2022-04 release of the Payments Apps GraphQL API, we're introducing a way to mark payments as pending. To support this, a new mutation can be used in cases where a payment cannot be completed quickly.

New pending mutation

The pending payments feature is now officially available for payments apps. You can mark a payment as pending if the payment can't be completed within a reasonable amount of time. This means buyers won't need to wait for slow transactions to finish before their order is completed. Learn more about pending a payment on

Updated pending behaviour in the Admin

While the payment is pending, the actions a merchant can take on the order will be restricted so as to not interfere with the payment that is pending. These restrictions are lifted as soon as the payment is completed or expires. A pending payment will expire if you fail to complete the payment within a reasonable time. Learn more about pending payments in the Shopify Help Center.

Status field deprecation

The status field on payment, refund, capture, and void session objects is deprecated and replaced by the state field introduced in the 2022-04 API release. Pending payments are not supported by the status field and will raise an error.