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New query filter on SellingPlanGroups

Effective May 07, 2021


Apps can now query SellingPlanGroups that were created by another app using the new Shopify API Search query term app_id.

The app_id can be one of the following terms:

  1. CURRENT (sellingPlanGroups(query:"app_id:CURRENT")) - The default behavior, where it returns all SellingPlanGroups created by the requesting app.
  2. ALL (sellingPlanGroups(query:"app_id:ALL")) - Returns all SellingPlanGroups from all apps.
  3. An app id number (sellingPlanGroups(query:"app_id:2525000000")) - Returns all SellingPlanGroups for the specified app id.

Learn more about the SellingPlanGroups query in the query root documentation.