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Developer changelog


New searchable resources added to the predictive search API

Effective October 22, 2019


Searchable resources for predictive search APIs now include pages and articles. Author, body, tag, variant SKU & barcode attributes have also been added to searchable fields for products.

Parameters are getting an update (the old parameters remain valid):

  • - the s query parameter is renamed to q
  • - the bury option of the unavailable_products parameter is renamed to last
  • - types is renamed to type and accepts a comma-separated list instead of an array
  • - a fields parameter was added

By default, unavailable_products is set to last. This means that out of stock products will now be shown last in the results list. There are options to hide out of stock products completely, or show them together with available products.

Learn more about the predictive search API in the Shopify Help Center.