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New subscription and post-purchase up-sell app collections available now

Shopify App Store

On November 2nd, we will be introducing a new collection of apps for both subscriptions and post-purchase upsells in the Shopify App Store. These are the first apps built directly within Shopify Checkout using the new Subscriptions APIs and post purchase app extensions, creating a more smooth and integrated experience.

With this release, the previous subscription apps and post-purchase upsell apps that bypass the Shopify Checkout will no longer be available for download. Merchants currently using these apps will continue being able to use them, but any new clients will need to select from one of the publicly available options that are properly integrated into the Shopify Checkout. All the most popular apps in these categories have replatformed their apps to leverage these new APIs and extensions and can be found in our new collection.

View the new collection of apps on the Shopify App Store, and learn more about the Subscriptions APIs in our Shopify developer documentation.