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Paginated requests may now be subject to additional API throttling

Effective April 01, 2019


We have introduced a new limit on page-based pagination requests when the resource offset generated by a request is greater than 100,000.

Shopify now imposes a throttle on GET requests where the value of the page parameter results in an offset greater than 100,000 of the requested resource. For these requests, apps will be limited to one API call every two seconds instead of the two calls per second provided by the standard API call limit. This is separate from the traditional call limit.

The resource offset is calculated as the product of the page and limit parameters included in a request. For example, a request to GET /admin/collects.json?limit=250&page=401 would generate an offset of 100,250 (250 x 401 = 100,250). When an app exceeds this limit, a 429 error response will be returned.

Developers that experience this throttle are encouraged to adopt since_id based pagination instead of using page. Requests using since_id will not be subject to the new pagination throttle as long as the page parameter isn’t used in the same request.

In the event that the page parameter must be used, developers are encouraged to have their app consume the Retry-After response header and adjust their request rate accordingly. More information can be found in our API call limit documentation.

If you require support for this change, contact support from your Partner Dashboard.