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payment_method_name available in PaymentDetails GraphQL and REST APIs to check for Shop Pay Installments transactions


As of 2023-10, a new field payment_method_name is available in the PaymentDetails GraphQL API and the payment_details property in the Transaction resource of the Admin REST API. This field provides information about the payment method used to process an order transaction.

This update is in preparation for changes releasing in January 2024 where new Shop Pay Installment transactions will have a gateway value of shopify_payments.

Once released, relying on the gateway value to determine if an order is a Shop Pay Installments transaction will no longer be feasible. Instead, it will be necessary to utilize the payment_method_name value to identify the transaction type.

For example, you can identify Shop Pay Installments transactions by checking that payment_method_name has a value of shop_pay_installments. For historical orders prior to 2023-10, you still need to check the gateway value to identify Shop Pay Installments orders.

Learn more about the change in the PaymentDetails GraphQL API doc and Admin REST API doc for Transactions.