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Pricing validations moved from 2020-04 to 2020-07

Effective December 15, 2020


In April 2020, we released a breaking change that added additional validation requiring the compare_at_price to be strictly greater than the price on variants, in order to provide a more consistent experience for apps consuming these values.

Due to an internal oversight, apps affected by this breaking change were not notified of that fact until very recently. In order to provide apps with enough time to do this migration, we are extending the migration window for this change by 1 full versioning cycle. Effectively, this change will move from 2020-04 to 2020-07.

We encourage you to stay on top of changes by regularly viewing your API Health report, checking for the presence of a deprecation header, and by reading through our quarterly release notes.

Learn more about this breaking change in the 2020-07 release notes.