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Removing discount allocation method "one".


This is a possibly breaking call, where there's no way for Shopify to know if your app is using the 'one' value. As a result, we will not delist any app that continues to get this warning.

As of API version 2020-07, we're updating the allocation method for discounts that have set the target_selection as explicit. Currently, Shopify applies these discounts to a single line item, which corresponds to an allocation method of one. With this change, the allocation methods will instead include "each" and "across".

We're making this change to add "each" functionality, and simplify the discount syntax, as "one" and "across" functionally both discount the final price by a set amount.

This change also affects discount_applications on the following webhook payloads :

  • orders/cancelled
  • orders/create
  • orders/fulfilled
  • orders/paid
  • orders/partially_fulfilled
  • orders/updated

For more information, please visit the community forum post.