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Retrieve accurate and reliable order sales data


Accurate and reliable sales data is critical to our merchants' businesses. It surfaces the insights they need to report on sales, reconcile their accounts, and measure and improve the performance of their business.

Shopify is releasing a new set of APIs that provide app developers the ability to query a list of all sales related changes on any Shopify order. You can now have a single consistent way to ensure your app is retrieving the most up to date and precise sales data as opposed to stitching order and sales data together through multiple resources. The APIs offer a variety of helpful metrics regarding each sale including detailed information about discounts, taxes, and the additional ability to reference information about the line item associated with the sale. You can think of it as a queryable audit trail to track all order changes from new sales, order edits, returns, and more.

To learn more about the new APIs, visit our getting started guide in the Shopify Developer Docs.