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Return Sales and Exchange APIs


Effective March 06, 2024

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Returns will now create corresponding Sales entries.

As of 2024-04, SalesAgreements made as part of a return will have the type ReturnAgreement. The OrderActionType enum can have a type of RETURN.

As of 2024-04, the SaleLineType enum can now have a type of FEE. Fees can be of the type RestockingFee or ReturnShippingFee, representing corresponding fees on a return.

Any Admin API consumers of OrderActionType or SaleLineType will need to accept this new enum value. Previous versions of the Admin API will show these values as "UNKNOWN".

You can now view ExchangeLineItems on their associated return. This provides context on returns that will be resolved with an exchange.

A new webhook "returns/update" has been added. This webhook will fire when fees or line items on a return are modified or removed. All returns webhooks will now display restock and shipping fees, as well as exchange line items.

Dispositions can no longer be created for canceled reverse fulfillment orders. This will result in the new error code INVALID_STATE.

Restocking returned items in the Admin will now create ReverseFulfillmentOrderDispositions.