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Shopify Flow connectors now support Shopify properties

Effective April 22, 2019


Shopify Flow connectors can now include Shopify properties in workflow triggers. You can add an order, product, or customer property, which passes all Shopify data related to that resource to the workflow.

Adding Shopify properties to your Shopify Flow connectors makes your custom-built triggers more powerful since the conditions and actions paired with them will have access to the related resources. Additionally, when a Shopify property is included in a trigger, it also enables related Shopify actions for that trigger (for example, the customer property enables the “Add customer tags” action).

Note: Shopify properties are available only to new Shopify Flow connectors. If want to add them to a connector that you've already created for your app, then contact

Where can I learn more?

Read the documentation about this update.