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Store-specific status now available on Shopify’s updated status page

Effective February 11, 2020


With over a million stores on Shopify, it’s rare that an incident impacts every store or every service. In order to help merchants understand if their store has been affected by an incident, we’re moving Shopify's status page to a dashboard that's specific to their Shopify single sign on account.

As part of this move to store-specific status updates, subscriptions to updates (SMS alerts and RSS feed) have been deprecated. Overall status and major outages will continue to be posted to the public page.

If you are a partner or an app developer who is working with merchants on projects that require status information, such as launching ads for their store or troubleshooting an app, please have your clients or app users check their store-specific status page first as part of the process. Our team is currently working on ways to enable Partners to see status information for stores where they have collaboration login access from the merchant.