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Storefront API updates: metafields, scripts, and more!

Effective May 16, 2019


We’re excited to share a number of exciting improvements that we've made to the Storefront API to enable you to build custom storefronts on Shopify’s platform. These changes affect metafields, Shopify Scripts, and checkout with Apple Pay.

The following changes are all now available in the Storefront API, and we're continuously updating the related SDKs to include these changes there as well.

Metafields available through Storefront API

We’ve added support for querying metafields (filtered by namespace or key) on the Product and ProductVariant resources. To learn more about what you can do with metafields, go here. To get started with implementing metafields, see our guide to Retrieving metafields with the Storefront API.

Checkout with Apple Pay

Developers building both public and private apps on the Storefront API or related SDKs can now access the checkoutWithTokenizedPaymentV2 mutation without having to request access to it. This means that you can complete purchases using the Apple Pay flow on mobile.

Note: The other checkout completion mutations are available only to public app developers who are approved to request payments through their app.

Support for Shopify Scripts (Shopify Plus only)

All script types are now compatible with private apps built on the Storefront API, JS Buy SDK, Mobile Buy SDKs (iOS and Android), and BuyButton.js Library, as well as the following public apps: Tapcart Mobile App and Plobal Apps Mobile App.

Any currently active line item, shipping, or payment scripts will continue to run only on your Online Store. If you'd like them to work on your custom storefront, you can edit the channel settings now present when editing a script.

Note: Shopify Scripts and the Script Editor app are available to Shopify Plus merchants only.

Other Storefront API improvements

New Features

  • Support for filtering out of stock products
  • Product recommendations


  • Improved error codes to make them more consumable
  • Fixed pagination for checkout line items
  • Added support for gift card purchases to be completed without a credit card
  • Added a checkout field to expose the sum of line item prices before taxes, shipping, and discounts
  • Added checkoutShippingAddressUpdateV2 mutation

For additional information about these changes, see the Storefront API reference .