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TA and AC country codes will be added to GraphQL API version 2019-04

Effective March 18, 2021


As of GraphQL API version 2019-04, the list of valid country codes will retroactively include TA (Tristan da Cunha) and AC (Ascension Island). These British Overseas Territories were formerly included under the GB country code, but they are now distinct in order to comply with post-Brexit mailing address formats. Our APIs already support other British Territories, including AI, BM, FK, GG, GI, GS, IM, IO, JE, MS, PN, SH, TC, and VG. This change affects the shipping locations for all merchants who ship to the “rest of world” shipping zone.

The impacted enums are CountryCode in the GraphQL Storefront API and CountryCode in the GraphQL Admin API.

This change will go live on March 22, 2021.