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The Summer ’23 Edition is live!


There are now more ways than ever to customize and extend Shopify, from storefront to checkout to admin.

Explore the latest updates to our suite of APIs, SDKs, and developer tools.

  • Create the best checkout experience with 17 new APIs and updates for Shopify Checkout
  • Build Hydrogen storefronts faster with Remix-optimized workflows and CLI improvements like enhanced type safety support, and scale effortlessly without rate limits on the Storefront API
  • Develop apps faster and more easily with our new Remix app template, extension-only apps, and config as code
  • Extend the Shopify admin in entirely new ways with admin UI extensions
  • Stand out from the crowd—Built for Shopify badging and promotional placements are now live in the Shopify App Store
  • Customize Shopify’s backend logic with new Function APIs, support for JavaScript now generally available, and faster development and iteration with the shopify app dev command

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