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Developer changelog


Updates to the Online Store Design Experience partner beta

Effective April 14, 2020


This month we have released new features for developers participating in the Online Store Design Experience partner beta. The following features are now available for testing for new and existing development stores using the "online store design experience" developer preview. You can find info on how to create a developer preview store in our Help Center.

The Sections theme architecture is now supported on the Cart, Password, and 404 pages. Sections can be enabled on these pages using the Online Store Editor with a sections-compatible theme. More info on how to enable sections on a page can be found in our Developer Documentation.

The Section Rendering API can be used to request the HTML markup of frame, page, content, and app sections through an AJAX request. This improves storefront performance by allowing you to update page content by fetching only partial elements of a page, instead of reloading it entirely. More info on this new API can be found in our Developer Documentation.

HTML tags can be inserted around theme frame sections using the wrapper property. This allows developers to optionally use containers and other tags around the three segments of a page. More info on the wrapper property can be found in our Developer Documentation.

Sections can now contain a text input and a URL picker on a single setting with the link setting type. The link setting type can only be used in sections (including the additional settings of content sections).

For any questions regarding the online store design experience developer preview visit our dedicated forum.