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We’re making it easier for app developers to test webhook topics, and streamlining webhook failure emails


Effective December 13, 2022

You’ll now be able to trigger a webhook test payload to a specified destination directly from the CLI. Previously, developers needed to create a dev store and manually click around with an app installed in order to test their app logic. This manual process added significant time and friction to the development loop. With this new feature, it’ll be easy to test your subscriptions for each topic, so you can see what the payload will look like before your app is in production.

We’re also reducing the number of emails sent each time a webhook delivery fails. Previously, there was one email sent per attempt - which could quickly add up and become ineffective for monitoring. Now only one email will be sent for each one per consecutive string of failed attempts, over a two-day period, in order to keep your inbox clean and actionable.

To learn more about testing webhooks, check out the Shopify CLI command reference. If you have any questions about these changes, contact Partner Support with any questions.