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We've updated how we calculate the 'Speed Tested' app highlight

Shopify App Store

The 'Speed Tested' app highlight in the app store has been adjusted as of November 17th to better reflect your app's current performance, as well as impact on checkout experience.

We continue to measure how apps affect store performance using Google Lighthouse, but we now focus on your app's affect from recent installations, as opposed to all historical installations. This change gives merchants more accurate info about which apps perform quickly on their stores. As developers improve their app's performance, those improvements will be reflected more quickly in the app highlights.

For a shipping app to be eligible to receive the 'Speed Tested' app highlight, we will now consider its response time and error rate for shipping rate requests. Because there is some variability in performance between checkouts, we will only feature apps with a sufficient number of installs and requests in order to ensure a stable measurement.