Testing your app before submitting

Before you submit your app for review, you need to test it on a development store to check for any bugs or errors. Many Shopify merchants depend on apps, so it's important that you make sure your app doesn't include any errors that could prevent merchants from running their businesses.

The App Quality Assurance Team will only review finished apps that have no errors. If you submit an app that is incomplete, is in beta, or has errors, then it will be rejected.

After you've tested your app, and you've made sure that it has met all of our app requirements, you can submit your app for approval. These instructions apply to all public apps, whether listed or unlisted in the Shopify App Store.

Installing a free app on a development store

To be approved, your public app must first authenticate with a merchant’s shop using OAuth. You can test this by installing your app on a development store. If you don’t have a development store, then you can create one.

To install an app on a development store:

  1. Log into your Partner Dashboard.
  2. Click Development Stores.
  3. Click Log in next to the name of the development store you want to use.
  4. In your Partner Dashboard, click Apps.
  5. Click the name of your app.
  6. Click Install on development store. If you don't see Install on development store, then click the More actions dropdown and select Install on development store.
  7. In the Select a development store... dropdown, select the name of the development store you want to use.
  8. Click Install app on store.

You should now be directed to the OAuth screen. If you don't see the OAuth screen, then you might need to double check your app’s code, as well as the app URLs and redirects.

To check your app's URLs and redirects:

  1. In your Partner Dashboard, click Apps.
  2. Click the name of your app.
  3. On your app's page, click App setup.
  4. In the URLs section, make sure all the URLs are correct.

For more information on OAuth, see our guide on OAuth.

Installing a paid app on a development store

All paid apps submitted to the Shopify App Store must use the Shopify Billing API. You need to test your app's billing system before you submit your app to the Shopify App Store. To test your app without incurring a real charge, you can have your app create a test charge before you install it on your development store.

To have your app to create a test charge, you can change your app's charge requests to include "test": true. This will create a test charge when you install the app on your development store so that you don't incur a real charge on your account.

Best practices for testing your app

When testing your app, think about how merchants will interact with it. You should make sure you have accounted for any issues that might occur when a merchant installs your app on their store. Here are some suggestions of what to look for when you test your app:

  • If your app interacts with or adds something to a merchant’s online store, then you should test your app with several different Shopify-made themes.
  • After you’ve installed your app on a development store, make sure you can uninstall and reinstall that app on the same shop.
  • Check for any warnings, errors, and logs that a merchant could find in their browser’s developer tools console.
  • Make sure that your app can appropriately handle 404s and unexpected inputs.

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