Grow your business with Built for Shopify

Stand out in the Shopify App Store with Built for Shopify, a program for apps that meet our highest quality bar. When your app meets standards for safety, performance, and usefulness, you can apply for special merchandising and greater distribution across the Shopify App Store and admin. Log in to the partner dashboard to get on the path to more installs and an even bigger business.

What you get

Achieving Built for Shopify status indicates the highest level of app excellence and outranks other app highlights. When you invest in a better app experience, we’ll help you grow your business across Shopify.

Shopify app store listing for an app called Returnaroo with the phrase "Built for Shopify" and a blue gem written above the app name.

Built for Shopify badge

Earn merchant trust with an easy-to-spot badge that shows off your high quality status—on your app’s listing page, in search results, and more.

Search boosts

Get your app in front of high-intent merchants with preferential ranking in search results that helps your listing stand out.

Promotion opportunities

Help merchants discover your app. Built for Shopify apps are eligible for special promotion in the Shopify admin or featured App Store content.

The standards

The Built for Shopify standards are challenging to meet. That’s by design. Merchants of all sizes and across markets tell us the factors that matter most in selecting and continuing to use an app are performance, ease of use, reliability, and safety. In fact, 81% of merchants surveyed said that highlighting factors like these on the app listing has a major impact on their decision to install the app.

After you apply, we’ll verify you meet all the standards and keep you posted on your status in the program. Once you’re in, you’ll need to make sure the app stays up to date—we’ll periodically review apps to ensure they’re still compliant.

  • Safe, secure, and reliable

    Merchants want to know that developers are treating shop and customer data with care. That means uninstalling cleanly and using certain APIs and extensions.

  • Fast performance

    Apps should run quickly and at scale. That means meeting Core Web Vitals measurements for load times and not slowing down storefronts.

  • Ease of use

    An intuitive design removes complexity and saves merchants valuable time and effort. All apps in the program must meet Shopify’s app design guidelines.

  • Usefulness

    High-quality apps have a proven history of helping merchants. We measure that by looking at things like install rates and review ratings.