Shopify developer documentation

Learn how to build an app, theme, custom storefront, or marketplace. Whether you’re just getting started, deep in the development process, or ready to distribute and monetize your work, Shopify’s docs, dev tools and frameworks make building easy and efficient.


Extend Shopify’s core functionality with apps that integrate into Shopify’s admin, online store, checkout and more.

Build your first app


Help merchants express their unique brand in their storefront by building a custom theme.

Create a theme using Dawn


Take store customization further with Hydrogen, a React-based framework for headless commerce.

Build a Hydrogen storefront

Accelerate development with Shopify CLI 3.0

Initialize new apps, themes, and custom storefronts in an instant with the latest Shopify CLI. A single command installs all the dependencies you need, including the CLI itself, so you can dive straight into development.

Launch your app or theme

App Store

When you’re ready, submit your app to the Shopify App Store so merchants can find and buy your app through search or personalized recommendations.

See App Store requirements

Theme Store

Promote and sell your custom theme to merchants building their brands on the Shopify Theme Store.

See Theme Store requirements