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Checkout Extensibility begins rollout to developers and Shopify Plus Merchants


Checkout extensibility capabilities are available for developers to start building apps for checkout customizations. We’re gradually rolling out checkout extensibility to Shopify Plus merchants so they can install and use your apps in production. Merchants will be able to discover apps with checkout UI extensions via the checkout editor.

Add new functionality with checkout UI extensions in various places in checkout and Shop Pay. Use these extensions to add in unique elements like product offers, custom fields, custom banners and more that are adaptable to various flows, creating a unified experience for buyers wherever they choose to checkout.

Track events using the new web pixel extension, to provide customer events that merchants can subscribe to. Apps will be able to hook into the events in the Pixels API, including checkout, to allow merchants access privacy-compliant customer behavior analytics.

Merchants are now able to use the new checkout branding API to customize the styling, to truly make checkout feel like their own, adapting the visual appearance such as the logo, font, and colors. Checkout UI extensions will inherit the brand settings from this API, so your app automatically reflects a brand’s style.

To learn more about building apps for checkout, please review our developer documentation.