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New updates to Partner API


Starting today, the following changes are effective on the unstable version of Partner API to help developers with the calculation of their app store revenue.

  • The transaction objects AppOneTimeSale, AppSaleAdjustment, AppSaleCredit, AppSubscriptionSale, and AppUsageSale have a new field titled processingFee. The processingFee field indicates the amount that was deducted for processing your application’s charge to a merchant.
  • The previously mentioned transaction objects have a new calculation for the netAmount field. The new calculation accounts for the deduction of processingFee amount from your app charge and adjustment to a merchant.
  • SALE_SHOPIFY_FEE in the TaxTransactionType enum is deprecated and replaced by the SALE_FEES value. When taxes are charged on all fees for an app, theme, or service transaction, the SALE_FEES value is returned in the TaxTransaction object.
  • The type field in TaxTransaction object is deprecated. A new field titled taxType is now present on the object, which will return either TaxTransactionType.REFERRAL_COMMISSION for taxes paid out on your commission fee for a referral or TaxTransactionType.SALE_FEES for taxes charged on fees for an app, theme, or service transaction.

These changes are available in the unstable version today and will be made official in the 2022-01 version of Partner API. Learn more about partner API reference documentation at