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Some endpoint deprecations on the Fulfillment API, and the introduction of Fulfillment Order API


The date by which you need to migrate away from the 2022-04 API has been extended to June 30 2023.

Some of the Fulfillment API endpoints and mutations on the Fulfillment API relating to managing fulfillments via an order ID were deprecated in the 2022-04 API release. They have now been removed and replaced by the Fulfillment Orders API in the 2022-07 API release.

This means that your app/integration using the deprecated Fulfillment API endpoints will have until the 2023-07 API release to migrate away from using the deprecated end points. You can continue to use API version 2022-04 until the 2023-07 release.

To help you seamlessly migrate, we've crafted a migration guide that walks you through the process of moving to Fulfillment Orders. To learn more, visit the migration guide on

Deprecated Endpoints on the Fulfillment API