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The orderCapture API now supports finalCapture


Shopify Plus merchants using Shopify Payments are able to partially capture authorizations more than once. However, sometimes you know that the capture you're about to perform will be the last one. To reflect this, the orderCapture mutation has been updated in the 2024-07 version to support a new finalCapture parameter.

When you know you're capturing an authorization for the last time, setting the finalCapture parameter to true will release any uncaptured funds back to your customer. Doing so is likely to increase customer satisfaction and decrease the risk of chargebacks.

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For merchants not on the Shopify Plus plan, the finalCapture parameter will have no effect: these authorizations can only be captured once, and uncaptured funds are always returned immediately to the customer.

At the time of writing, the finalCapture parameter only applies to transactions made through Shopify Payments. When capturing authorizations processed through other gateways, finalCapture must either be omitted, or set to null.