2020-07 release notes

Release date Date version is no longer supported
July 2, 2020 July 2, 2021

The 2020-07 release contains changes to support AWS EventBridge integration, annual billing through the Shopify Billing API, and better errors in GraphQL. This release also offers more flexible explicit discounts, exposes tips on orders, and extends locale-specific support for collecting additional information at checkout.

What’s new in 2020-07

The following features were added in version 2020-07 of Shopify's APIs.

  • Apps now support integration with Amazon EventBridge to receive Shopify webhooks using an event bus. As a result, [Webhooks]/api/admin/rest/reference/events/webhook) now support ARN addresses.
  • Shopify's Billing API now offers annual billing in GraphQL.
  • Access errors in GraphQL now reference the denied resource, rather than returning a generic access denied error.
  • The CPF/CNPJ can now be collected at checkout for merchants in Brazil. This information is exposed through the API using a new localizationExtensions connection.
  • The total tip amount received on an order is now available via Order.totalTipReceived.
  • The API now offers additional data on domains associated with a given shop using the new shop.domains field and webhook events.