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Add a payment gateway to your partners account

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Add a payment gateway to your partners account

Add a payment gateway to your partners account

Adding a gateway to your Shopify Partner's account will prepare you for publishing your gateway integration. Before you can add a gateway to a shop, make sure that the gateway meets the requirements.


Before you can add your payment gateway to a shop, you need to:

Add your gateway to your partners account

After you have completed the development of your gateway, you can add it to your development store:

  1. Log in to the Partner Dashboard.

  2. Click Gateways:

    Gateways option in the Partner Dashboard sidebar

  3. Click Create gateway.

  4. Fill out the following fields with your gateway's info:

    • Gateway Name - This will appear in the merchant payment settings and on customer checkout pages as a payment option.
    • Gateway Website - This URL will be provided to the merchant within the payment settings and will also be used to review your service.
    • Gateway Logo - This will appear at checkout at a height of 24 pixels and a maximum width of 220 pixels. Learn more ›
    • Gateway Category - This is the category that your gateway will display under within payment settings.
    • Redirect URL - The customer will be redirected to this address at checkout. This URL must properly handle the request values that will be sent.
    • Login Label - The naming convention used to describe the login credential types for your gateway, such as Username or Account Number.
    • Password Label - The naming convention used to describe passwords for this gateway, such as Password or Secret Key.
    • Sandbox URL (optional) - You can send test transactions to this URL.
    • Payment Types - These will appear next to your gateway logo at checkout.
    • Countries Served - Supported countries in which merchant accounts are available.

Helpful tips for your logo file

Your gateway logo will appear at checkout as a payment option:

Example gateway logo in a store checkout

To make sure it looks the as nice as possible, upload a logo that:

  • has a max height of 24 pixels, and max width of 220 pixels
  • is a high-resolution raster (PNG) file format
  • has a transparent background
  • does not rely on small text that is difficult to read at a height of 24 pixels.

Suggested dimensions for a gateway logo

If you have already developed your gateway, you can now bring your gateway live privately or publicly.