Create a navigation link with app extensions

The navigation configuration can be found on your app’s page in your Partners dashboard.

Your app is eligible to use the secondary navigation bar when your app is embedded in Shopify admin. You can set up the navigation by visiting App setup > Embedded app > Navigation.

Your embedded app’s navigation can contain up to 6 items. These navigation items cannot be external links. They must direct to the subpages of your embedded app.

Navigation bars

To set up your app’s navigation menu:

  1. Under Navigation click Configure
  2. To add a new link, on the Navigation bar page, click Add navigation link.
  3. Under Name, enter a title for the menu item. This title will be displayed to merchants.
  4. Under Link, enter your subpage url. The URL must be from the same source as your app.
  5. Click Save to add the menu item to your list.
  6. Reorganize your navigation menu item’s order by dragging them to your desired order, or use the arrow buttons.
  7. To remove a link, click the trash can icon.
  8. Save your navigation to push it live to your production app and any merchants who have your app installed.

To remove your app’s navigation menu:

  1. Under Navigation click Configure
  2. Click Reset extension. This will delete all active menu items in your live production app. If you are making this change, ensure that merchants will have alternate ways to access your app’s subpages as needed, such as on-page links or another navigation structure.
  3. Click Save to save this change and clear the navigation bar from your embedded app.