Build apps and grow new revenue streams

Create apps that customize and extend Shopify’s features and capabilities, and get them in front of millions of merchants through the world’s largest app store for commerce.

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Apps for every part of the commerce experience

Shopify’s APIs, primitives, and tools enable developers to build high quality apps for everything from adding dynamic elements to storefronts to defining custom discount combinations at checkout.

Finding products

Help merchants find suppliers, source products at wholesale prices, and print designs on demand by connecting your services with Shopify’s commerce platform.

Orders and shipping

Utilize the Admin API to build apps that enable merchants to track orders in real time, easily ship products, manage inventory, and automate workflows using Shopify Flow.

Marketing and conversion

Build with tools like customer segments and marketing activities app extensions to help merchants manage campaigns and get in front of more buyers.

Selling products

Develop apps that let merchants sell in more ways, including offering purchase options like prepaid subscriptions and try before you buy, personalized product options, and more.

Store design

Let merchants customize their storefronts with apps for adding functionality like product reviews, localized content and currencies, and custom landing pages.

Store management

Create apps that help merchants streamline their operations and manage their business, from analytics and customer support to privacy and security.


Klaviyo, a marketing automation platform, has grown to 100K+ merchants on Shopify's platform by enabling developers to quickly and easily build new personalized experiences and apps.


Printful, an on-demand printing and fulfillment company that helps people turn their ideas into brands and products, has managed $1.33B+ in sales, with 59M items delivered to customers.


Since launching on the Shopify App Store in 2011, Yotpo has scaled to a suite of 5 marketing products, and is growing 50% YoY, now serving over 100K Shopify merchants.

A massive built-in audience

The Shopify App Store gives you direct access to millions of merchants around the world. In 2021, Shopify app and theme developers generated hundreds of millions in revenue.

Get your apps in front of the right merchants at the right time as they're exploring the Shopify App Store and managing their business.

And boost app installs with our ad platform where you can target exact keywords or broad search topics with cost-per-click bids that fit any marketing budget.

Seamless integration with the Shopify platform

Extend the admin, checkout experience, and more with world class apps that look, feel, and work like a core part of Shopify.

Embedded app development

Use App Bridge to build apps that look and feel like a native part of the Shopify Admin, so merchants can interact with them in the same place they manage the rest of their business.

Best-in-class guidance

The Built for Shopify program provides guidelines, increased visibility, and exclusive distribution opportunities to ensure your apps perform well, deliver a great experience, and stand out in the Shopify App Store.

Designed for developers

Accelerate app development with a suite of tools including the Shopify CLI, example apps and templates, and ready-to-use UI components.

Build quickly with official libraries for popular languages including Ruby, Node.js, and PHP.

  • Shopify CLI for quickly generating apps and app extensions
  • Polaris design system and library of UI components, tokens, and icons
  • Code samples, app templates, and tutorials
  • Free sandboxed development stores for testing apps in-context
CLI with code sample