About NFT distribution

Merchants might decide to sell or gift NFTs. Currently, NFTs are most popularly being used to demonstrate ownership of media such as digital art, but they have many other uses for both merchants and customers. Merchants might consider using NFTs on their Shopify store in the following ways:

  • Sell NFTs through their Shopify store.
  • Offer free NFTs to reward their customers for purchases, engagement, and loyalty.
  • Offer exclusive products, discounts, or early access to product launches based on ownership of certain NFTs through tokengated commerce.
  • Increase potential audience through tokengated collaborations with other brands through your online stores, or in person events.
  • Create customer segments based on NFT ownership for marketing acquisition and retention campaigns.
  • Provide a certificate of authenticity or an NFT receipt with a customer’s purchase.

NFTs and blockchain technology are continually evolving, and the full impact and use cases are still being explored.

Merchants who are selling NFTs are required to get approval from Shopify before selling through Shopify Payments. Developers who support merchants with NFT distribution are required to gate this functionality and restrict the ability to mint, gift, or list NFTs for sale to approved merchants.

Learn more about merchant eligibility.