OrderTransaction object

Version unstable

A transaction represents an exchange of money as part of an order.

Required access

read_orders access scope.


  • accountNumber (String)

    The masked account number associated with the payment method.

  • amountSet (MoneyBag!)

    The amount and currency of the transaction in shop and presentment currencies.

  • authorizationCode (String)

    Authorization code associated with the transaction.

  • authorizationExpiresAt (DateTime)

    The time when the authorization expires. This field is available only to stores on a Shopify Plus plan and is populated only for Shopify Payments authorizations.

  • createdAt (DateTime!)

    Date and time when the transaction was created.

  • A standardized error code, independent of the payment provider.

  • The transaction fees charged on the order transaction.

  • formattedGateway (String)

    The human-readable payment gateway name used to process the transaction.

  • gateway (String)

    The payment gateway used to process the transaction.

  • id (ID!)

    Globally unique identifier.

  • The kind of transaction.

  • manuallyCapturable (Boolean!)

    Whether the transaction can be manually captured.

  • maximumRefundableV2 (MoneyV2)

    Specifies the available amount with currency to refund on the gateway. Only available within SuggestedRefund.

  • order (Order)

    The associated order.

  • parentTransaction (OrderTransaction)

    The associated parent transaction, for example the authorization of a capture.

  • paymentIcon (Image)

    Specifies the payment icon to display for this transaction.

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