ProductVariantsBulkInput input object

Version unstable

Specifies a product variant to create as part of a variant bulk mutation.

Input fields

  • barcode (String)

    The value of the barcode associated with the product variant.

  • compareAtPrice (Money)

    The compare-at price of the variant.

  • fulfillmentServiceId (ID)

    The ID of the fulfillment service associated with the variant.

  • harmonizedSystemCode (String)

    The Harmonized System Code (or HS Tariff Code) for the variant.

  • id (ID)

    Specifies the product variant to update or delete.

  • imageId (ID)

    The ID of the image that's associated with the variant.

  • imageSrc (String)

    The URL of an image to associate with the variant. This field can only be used through mutations that create product images and must match one of the URLs being created on the product.

  • inventoryItem (InventoryItemInput)

    The inventory item associated with the variant, used for unit cost.

  • inventoryPolicy (ProductVariantInventoryPolicy)

    Whether customers are allowed to place an order for the variant when it's out of stock.

  • inventoryQuantities ([InventoryLevelInput!])

    Create only field. The inventory quantities at each location where the variant is stocked. The number of elements in the array of inventory quantities cannot exceed 10 and the amount specified for the plan.

  • mediaSrc ([String!])

    The URL of the media to associate with the variant.

  • metafields ([MetafieldInput!])

    The additional customizable information about the product variant.

  • options ([String!])

    The custom properties that a shop owner uses to define product variants.

  • price (Money)

    The price of the variant.

  • privateMetafields ([PrivateMetafieldInput!])

    The private metafields to associated with this product.

  • requiresShipping (Boolean)

    Whether the variant requires shipping.

  • sku (String)

    The SKU for the variant.

  • taxCode (String)

    The tax code associated with the variant.

  • taxable (Boolean)

    Whether the variant is taxable.