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Apps can now change the name and address of their fulfillment service locations


Action required

As of the 2023-10 API version, apps can change the name and address of their fulfillment service locations using the LocationEdit GraphQL mutation.

When a fulfillment service is created, Shopify also creates a new location and associates this with the new fulfillment service. This location inherits it's name from the fulfillment service.

Apps can now update the name and address of this location. For example, when a fulfillment service is created, it will inherit the country of the shop. If the fulfillment service is located in a different country from the shop, apps can now update the location to accurately reflect the address of the fulfillment service.

API breaking changes

New user error when editing locations

The LocationEdit mutation will return a new user error with the CANNOT_MODIFY_ONLINE_ORDER_FULFILLMENT_FOR_FS_LOCATION code if attempting to update the fulfillsOnlineOrders field for a fulfillment service location. This field can only be modified on manual locations. Fulfillment service locations are always enabled to fulfill online orders.

New authorization check when attempting to edit a fulfillment service location

From the 2023-10 API version, if you attempt to edit the location belonging to a fulfillment service without having the write_fulfillments access scope, you will get the following access denied error:

Access denied for locationEdit field. Required access: write_fulfillments access scope is required to edit the location associated with a fulfillment service.

Earlier API versions would return a user error with the NOT_FOUND code.