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Checkout.liquid will no longer work for in-checkout pages starting August 13, 2024


Effective February 13, 2023

Action required

Shopify Plus merchants can now customize their in-checkout pages, which include their Information, Shipping, and Payment Pages, using checkout extensibility. Checkout extensibility is a faster way to customize Shopify Checkout in a way that’s app-based, upgrade-safe, higher-converting, and integrated with Shop Pay. It has the power and flexibility for merchants to build the experiences they want.

Checkout extensibility replaces checkout.liquid. As a result, checkout.liquid will no longer work for in-checkout pages on August 13, 2024. Any merchants that currently customize their in-checkout pages with checkout.liquid need to upgrade to checkout extensibility before this date.

Shopify Plus merchants can continue customizing their post-checkout pages, which includes their Thank You Page and Order Status Page, with checkout.liquid. However, we’ll soon support customization on these pages with checkout extensibility as well.

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