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Create per product shipping rules with our new Delivery Profiles API

Effective June 19, 2019


Per product shipping has come to Shopify. Through Shipping Profiles, merchants can group products together to specify custom shipping rates for them. Apps can leverage the Delivery Profiles API to read and modify these profiles.

Within Shopify, merchants can now set up shipping profiles with rates they want to offer to customers at checkout. Rates can be customized for specific variants originating from specific locations, and shipping to specific zones. Shopify then ensures that the correct rates are surfaced to customers at checkout.

Through the Delivery Profiles API, apps now have write access to a shop’s shipping settings. This enables you to manage everything from profiles to rates directly via the API, and automate what was previously a manual process.

What does this mean for my existing app?

Check out the detailed list of changes between shipping zones and shipping profiles in our Delivery Profiles API Migration Guide.

Where can I learn more?

We’re excited to see what apps can accomplish on top of our Delivery Profiles API. Be sure to check out our Getting Started Guide for the full rundown of how to use this new feature.

Get started in the Unite developer preview

The Delivery Profiles API and new shipping profiles UI changes are now exclusively available in the Unite developer preview. To get started with the developer preview, create a new development store with the Unite 2019 developer preview enabled and explore the new shipping UI changes in your development stores.