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Deprecation of Checkout APIs


Action required

As of API version 2024-04 the Checkout API’s will be marked as deprecated. This deprecation will impact both the Admin REST API (excluding Abandoned Checkout) and Storefront GraphQL API endpoints. To maintain continuity and unlock new capabilities, apps will need to migrate to either the Storefront Cart API, and or Checkout Sheet Kit for mobile apps.

Deprecation Schedule:

April 1, 2024 (Version: 2024-04) All affected fields within the Checkout APIs will be marked as deprecated. This is the final stable version where the Checkout APIs will remain available. The fields will also be removed from unstable and the 2024-07 Release Candidate versions onwards. We strongly recommend you to start migrating to the new API when possible to avoid any disruptions.

April 1, 2025 (Version: 2025-04) The 2024-04 API version will reach its end of life. As a result, Checkout mutations will no longer be available on any version.

Recognizing the need for a high throughput cart, Shopify introduced the Storefront Cart API in 2021 as the successor to the Checkout API, and we have been continually enriching it with new features. The Cart API offers improved performance, scalability, and a richer feature set including subscriptions, product bundles, and contextual pricing. Additionally, it integrates with Shopify's web checkout for further customization using Shopify Functions and UI extensions.

The Checkout Sheet Kit, compatible with Android, Swift, and React Native, streamlines mobile app development by integrating a fully-featured web checkout. This eliminates the need for a separate checkout build, reducing maintenance while preserving all customizations and business logic.

Action Required:

Follow the Cart API Migration Guide to update any application calling Admin REST API or Storefront GraphQL API checkout endpoints prior to 2025-04 to utilize the Cart API or Checkout Sheet Kit to avoid disruption.

If you have questions, please utilize the feedback repository.