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Introducing the Subscription Billing Cycles API


As of GraphQL Admin API version 2022-10, we've introduced Subscription Billing Cycles to the existing Subscriptions Contract APIs so that you can make changes to an upcoming order without affecting the base subscription contract.

This includes: * The ability to skip a future order. * The ability to make changes to the line items of an upcoming order, including any additions, quantity changes, or removals. * The ability to combine the orders of one or more subscriptions contracts in order to save on shipping costs.

Please note that with the introduction of Subscriptions Billing Cycles API, SubscriptionBillingAttemptCreate will create a billing attempt for the billing cycle at the origin_time if specified. Otherwise, it will be created for the current billing cycle by default.

Alternatively, you can also use BillingCycleSelector to select the billing cycle you wish to create billing attempt for.

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