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Inventory Mutations and Fields Removal


Effective April 01, 2024

Action required

As of Admin API 2024-04, we are removing the following fields and mutations:
- InventoryLevel.available
- InventoryLevel.incoming
- InventoryLevel.deactivationAlertHtml
- Mutation.InventoryAdjustQuantity
- Mutation.InventoryBulkAdjustQuantityAtLocation

After building new fields to handle inventory quantities other than available, new fields and mutations that can handle all quantities were needed and released in 2023-01.

InventoryLevel.available and InventoryLevel.incoming should be replaced with InventoryLevel.quantities.

InventoryLevel.deactivationAlertHtml should be replaced with InventoryLevel.deactivationAlert.

Mutation.InventoryAdjustQuantity and Mutation.InventoryBulkAdjustQuantityAtLocation should be replaced with Mutation.InventoryAdjustQuantities or Mutation.InventoryMoveQuantities.

For those still using these fields on unstable, they will continue to work until 2024-04 is no longer supported.

More information on how to use these new fields can be found here