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New and updated operations for the Cart Transform API


Previously, the Cart Transform Function API allowed percentage based adjustments to the cost of a bundle when using expand operations. The weight price algorithm would then allocate the bundle price to its component lines based on the weight of each component line (unit price * quantity).

As of the 2024-01 Cart Transform Function API version, expand operations will also allow you to set fixed prices on each component of the bundle, resulting in a bundle price that is the sum of each component. Additionally, the expand operation will now allow you to define a custom title and image for each parent line item. This gives you more control over bundle pricing and enables bundles to be used for add-on products.

A new update operation will allow you to override the price, title, and image of a given line item. This gives you more more flexibility to make additional customizations to items in the cart. The update operation is only available for Plus merchants.

To see what operations are available for a shop, you can query the cartTransform field on ShopFeatures.

Finally, the CartTransformCreate mutation in the Admin API now supports a blockOnFailure field that determines if cart and checkout operations should be blocked if the CartTransform function fails to run. This can be used as a safeguard if the Cart Transform is considered a critical component in resolving merchandise attributes (e.g. price, title, image).

More information can be found in the Cart Transform API documentation and the CartTransformCreate mutation.