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New Error codes and updated error code mapping for payment and billing


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As of 2024-04, Added the following fields to the SubscriptionBillingAttemptErrorCode enum

  • InsufficientFunds
  • PurchaseTypeNotSupported
  • Paypal Error
  • CardNumberIncorrect
  • FraudSuspected

Additionally, the following payment error code mappings have changed: * “Insufficient Funds” has been removed from “Invalid Payment Method” and now receives its own billing attempt error * “Pick up card” has been removed from “Payment Method Declined” and is now classified as “Fraud Suspected” * “Invalid Item Total” has been added to “Payment Method Declined”

And the following codes from payment processors have changed:

  • Braintree

    • 2007 now maps to “Card Number Incorrect”
    • 2014 now maps to “Fraud Suspected”
    • 2105 now maps to “Transient Error”
    • 2106 now maps to “Transient Error”
    • 2107 now maps to “Invalid Payment Method”
    • 2108 now maps to “Invalid Payment Method”
  • Paypal

    • 10417 now maps to “Paypal Error General”
  • Stripe

    • cardnotsupported now maps to “Invalid Purchase Type”
    • invalid_account now maps to “Card Number Incorrect”
    • invalid_amount now maps to “Payment Method Declined”