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Online Store 2.0: New metafields type system and dynamic sources available


We've released a new commerce-oriented type system for metafields. Metafields created with these new types from our APIs will be more interoperable across our system.

The type system is exposed through a new type field. The type field replaces the valueType field, which is now deprecated, and will be removed in our 2021-10 release.

Most new types map to the old MetafieldValueType enum, except for json_string and json. json replaces json_string, but json_string will continue to exist because it behaves differently than the new json type when referenced in Liquid.

Note: json_string will not automatically migrate to the json type.

Learn more about the type system and how to migrate to it in the Metafields documentation.

To learn more about these API changes, refer to our API reference documentation: